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good for readers

Millions of new books are published every year. We can help you discover more of the books and authors you want and some new ones you'll love.

good for publishers

With millions of new choices every year it's really hard for readers to find your books. We can help. In fact, we can help readers find ALL your books, back, mid and front list.

good for content partners

With just a few clicks and copying a snippet of code you can setup a custom bookstore on your own site — with books selected just for your users.

good for authors

It's easier than ever to write and publish, that also means it's more difficult for your work to be discovered. We can help you sell your books direct to the consumers who want to read them.

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"The Internet provides an almost infinite distribution capacity through the blogs, websites, apps, and social media that we visit everyday. With these content providers as partners AddLibra can maximize the odds of the right book getting to the right person when it's most wanted and needed."

How it all fits together

We connect readers with the books they most want to buy.

This has an extraordinary result - publishers, authors, readers and distribution partners end up connected in a new and beneficial value chain that's changing how books are marketed, distributed, discovered, and purchased.

We've got over 15 million books (and counting) in our store.
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Millennials read more books than their elders, Pew study finds - More millennials read books than their elders, a new Pew Research report finds. According to the report, 88% of Americans 16 to 29 years old have read at least one book in the past year, compared with 79% of people 30 and older. [Read More]

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