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With millions of books published each year it's hard to find books you want and even more difficult to know if they are worth the purchase price. And with eBooks you don't even own them - you can only license them. Amazon, or Apple, or Google, can delete them from your account anytime.

At AddLibra we don't think this is how you treat people. Our mission is to help you find the books you want while you browse the web. It's our plan that soon, as you stop at each of your favorite sites or blogs, you're likely to see an custom AddLibra bookstore built just for the users of that site, stocked with books carefully selected for your discovery. We think it is a much more intuitive way to discover the books in which you're likely to be most interested.

We also think it's a cool way to support the sites and blogs you love most. Instead of spending your money with Amazon you're spending it with someone who you like and who brings value to your daily life. We share a good portion our revenue with our site partners - it's like buying from a favorite small store in your hometown instead of Walmart. And, even better, when you buy from an AddLibra store you own the book. It's yours. You don't lease it, you own it.

Do something good for the web, it's people and yourself your books from an AddLibra bookstore at your favorite websites and blogs.

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