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So, let us explain a bit more about that video. AddLibra offers something more. We offer the chance to be part of something good for the web and for the people using it. And, yes, you can make some money. More importantly, you'll be helping your users more easily and conveniently find the books they want but can't find or don't know about. We make it easy and convenient them to buy from you. Be part of a revolution.

With just a snippet of code you'll set up your own custom bookstore – with books selected just for your users. We do all the work for you, set up your store, determine your audience's profile, sort and select from 12 million books to find just the right ones for your users, take care of the inventory and billing and send you a check at the end of the month. Easy Squeezee.

Help your users get out of the Amazon habit and into finding what they need from you. Open a custom AddLibra bookstore now.

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